CBSE Class 10 Painting Syllabus 2017-18

CBSE Class 10 Painting Syllabus 2017-18

This year CBSE has changed the exam pattern. Class 10 Painting Syllabus in Board exam will consist of 100 marks of the final exam. The various topics will be (a)Compositional arrangement with due emphasis on the subject matter (40marks), (b) Treatment of media (colours) with appropriate colour scheme (30 marks), (c) Creativity, originality and overall impression (30 marks). This year, there is no CCE pattern or division of syllabus for SA1 or SA2 as it used to be before.

This year complete syllabus will be there in your final/annual exam. Along with Painting syllabus for class 10 cbse has also issued the chapter-wise breakup of questions along with weightage of each chapter. The package also enlists the learning objectives. That’s why it is strongly recommended to download new class 10 Painting syllabus 2017-18 this year and be on safe side.

Click on the button below to download the syllabus in pdf format. Scroll down to view the detailed syllabus.

Painting syllabus for class 10 (pdf) 

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Detailed Painting Syllabus for Class 10 Session 2017-18

(B) Painting (Code: 049)
Class – X

One Paper                                                                                       270 Periods
3 Hours                                                                                           100 Marks

* Learning outcomes/objectives :
Students opt painting as an additional subject are able to :
• Develop their aesthetic sense.
• Appreciate the beauty in line, forms and colours.
• Understand the fundamentals of visual Arts (Elements and Principles) ability to
   apply them to a specific aesthetic intent.
• Get the knowledge and skills in the use of basic tools, medium and techniques
   required to works from concept to finished product.
• Develop memory and observation power through the study / excercise in still life
   and painting composition.
• Develop their mental faculties for proper maintenance and arrangements of things
   in their Painting practicals as well as in their life.
Painting from memory
Simple composition in (Water/paster / pastel) Colours on given subjects based on
sketching from life and nature. If may also be in abstract / semi-abstract / folk art

Class – X

Marking Scheme:                                                                                  100 Marks
i. Compositional arrangement with due emphasis on the subject matter. (40)
ii. Treatment of media (colours) with appropriate colour scheme. (30)
iii. Creativity, originality and overall impression. (30)


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