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home science class 10 syllabus

Download latest cbse class 10 Home Science syllabus for the session 2017-18. This year CBSE has changed the exam pattern. Class 10 Home Science Syllabus in Board exam will consist of 100 marks out of which 75 marks will be of Theory and 25 of Practical. This year, there is no CCE pattern or division of syllabus for SA1 or SA2 as it used to be before.

This year complete syllabus will be there in your final/annual exam. Along with Home Science syllabus for class 10 cbse has also issued the chapter-wise breakup of questions along with weightage of each chapter. The package also enlists the learning objectives. That’s why it is strongly recommended to download new class 10 Home Science Syllabus 2017-18 this year and be on safe side.

Click on the button below to download the syllabus in pdf format. Scroll down to view the detailed syllabus.

Class 10 Home Science Syllabus of Session 2017-18 

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Detailed Home Science Syllabus for Class 10


Unit I: Human growth & development II    (30 periods, 13 Marks)

a) Play (0-5 years), role of play in growth & development of children. Types of playactive,
passive, natural, serious and exploratory, selection of play material for
b) Childhood. Adolescents and Adulthood: Special Features.
c) Problems of Adolescents
d) Old Age : Need of care

Unit II: Management of Resources: Time, Energy & Money    (30 periods, 13 Marks)

a) Time Management – Definition & Importance
b) Time plans – Factors affecting time plan
c) Energy Management : Definition and Importance
d) Fatigue and work Simplification
e) Family Income & Types : Expenditure & Importance of Saving and Investment
Schemes (Only Listing)

Unit III: Food & Personal Hygiene   (18 periods, 08 Marks)

a) Principles of hygienic handling of food, including serving of food.
b) Hygiene in kitchen
c) Personal hygiene of food handler
d) Hygiene during food storage

Unit IV: Meal Planning    (42 periods, 15 Marks)

a) Concept of Meal Planning
b) Factors affecting meal planning : age, sex, climate, occupation, cost of food items,
number of family members, occassion, availability of food, family traditions, likes
and dislikes
c) Basic food groups
d) Use of food groups in planning balanced diet, in context of self. RDA-ICMR (2010)
and its uses in family diets
e) Therapeutic adaptations of normal diet : Based on consistency and cooking methods

Unit V: Food Safety and Consumer Education    (30 periods, 13 Marks)

a) Food Safety, mal-practices of traders, price variation, poor quality, Faulty
weights and measures, non-availability of goods, misleading information, lack of
standardized products
b) Food adulteration : Concept, adulterants & harmful effects of adulteration, FSSAI
Standards (2006)
c) Consumer Rights and problems faced by consumer, redressal and rights (Listing)
d) Sources of Consumer Education – Govt & Non-Govt. Agencies (Only listing)

Unit VI: Care and Maintenance of Fabrics and Apparel    (30 periods, 13 Marks)

a) Cleaning and finishing agents used in routine care of clothes.
b) Stain Removal
c) Storage of cotton, silk, wool and synthetics
d) Ready made garments, selection, need and workmanship

(40 Periods, 25 Marks)

(Distribution of Marks : 3 Marks per Unit)
1. Make suitable play material for children between 0-3 years (work in a pair)
2. Plan a balanced diet to self (only one meal).
3. Prepare a time plan to self for one day.
4. Prepare a report on any five mal practices you have observed in the market.
5. Undertake a market survey and collect five (5) food labels, analyze them and
    illustrate the labels.
6. Remove common stains of curry, paint, ball pen ink, grease, lipstick, tea and
7. List five areas of agreement and disagreement each with parents, siblings and
   friends, and present the solutions to class.
8. Examine positive & negative qualities of one readymade and one tailor made
    a garment.
9. Prepare a care label for a readymade garment according to its fabric and design.
10. Practical File.   (4 Marks)
11. Viva Voce.        (3 Marks)